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Pay & Grading

As Pay and Grading concerns continues to occupy the education sector, the challenge for universities and colleges alike is to minimise inequality within their workforce and establish a cohesive and fair reward structure. 

Well versed in dealing with the reward issues facing universities and colleges, ECC is on hand to assist you in a delivering an effective and robust pay and reward structure that is fit for the future. 

Our approach

Our experienced consultants will guide you through the process of delivering an effective pay and grading structure.

We understand that the implementation and planning for these types of projects are both sensitive and important for your organisation.

  • Initially we’ll set up a diagnostic meeting to better understand your organisation, issues with your current pay and grading approach, and the project triggers. 

  • As an output of this meeting, we will develop a project proposal with concise and transparent pricing for your review.

  • At ECC we recognise that organisations require a service that suits their way of working and so we offer flexibility.  We can deliver the whole project on your behalf, or, we can provide advice and guidance to enable you to manage the project by yourselves – or anywhere in between.

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Our Focus

To establish the basis of our proposed recommendations we’ll focus primarily, but not exclusively, on the following areas:


  • Grading profile

  • Composition of the workforce

  • Gender pay gap by grade

  • Pay gap analysis based on different ‘protected characteristics’.

  • Starting pay analysis

Our process

Stage 1

Gathering and preparing the data

Stage 2

Mapping the current structure to the proposed new structure

Stage 3

Assessing the gender impact and impact on the evaluated scored roles

Stage 4

Reviewing and redefining the grades

Stage 5

Implementation and follow up

If you want to find out more or arrange for a consultant to discuss your particular requirements, please contact us.

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