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Introducing a new pay and grading structure

ECC is currently working with a large, complex organisation to deliver a new pay and grading structure, based around HERA, our “for the sector, by the sector” job evaluation tool.   This is a long-term project where ECC is working closely with the client to deliver the project outcomes, and work is ongoing.


The project is divided into two key stages:


Stage 1


1.     Communications with all stakeholders

2.     Regular meetings with trade unions

3.     Weekly meetings with the client project team

4.     ECC being a key player in strategy project meetings

5.     Development of role profiles to ensure evidence is robust enough for scoring

6.     Training of Role Analysts

7.     Co-scoring roles using HERA

8.     Chairing HERA panels

9.     Developing policies around process, appeals etc.


Stage 2


Once all roles (circa 300) have been scored, ECC will work closely with the client to develop a pay and grading structure based on the 51-point pay scale for HE Academic and Support Staff.

(Due to the nature of this work, and the sensitivity involved in pay and grading work, we have kept the identity of our member/client confidential)



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