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We understand both the challenges and complexity of effecting a senior pay strategy within a higher or further education organisation. 


Delivering effective pay structures for senior staff.

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ECC Apex  , our dedicated consultancy proposition for senior pay, is available as an additional service to all members and non-members. 

With ECC Apex   you’ll receive a tailored, bespoke service, delivered by our expert team of consultants, who have a wealth of experience and knowledge in assisting organisations in managing and deploying successful and affordable pay structures for senior-level staff.





ECC Apex  will support you to develop a transparent and robust pay structure for senior staff which promotes the CUC code principles (fairness, independence and transparency) and reflects the value delivered by individuals.


External comparisons

ECC Apex  includes benchmarking data to support with decision making.


Equal Pay 

ECC Apex  uses the CUC code principles to develop an equitable senior pay structure based on best practice principles, and identifies any equal pay considerations.



ECC Apex  provides a solution tailored to your organisations requirements, affordability, and best practice across the sector.


Supports recruitment

and retention

ECC Apex  uses the CUC code and HERA principles along with your organisational requirements and external benchmarking to develop a competitive, robust and transparent senior pay structure.



The ECC team has a well-deserved reputation for quality and for successfully implementing projects on time.

If you want to find out more or arrange for a consultant to discuss your particular requirements, please contact us.

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