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Job Evaluation Tools

The advantages of

for role analysis in Higher Education

Why Choose HERA

HERA (Higher Education Role Analysis) has been developed specially for the higher education sector.

Although other job evaluation providers attempt to tweak or adjust their products for higher education, none were specifically designed to cover the wide range of jobs and roles found in the sector.

HERA is designed specifically to take into consideration teaching, learning, research and academic administrative roles.

No other scheme is as uniquely tailored for role analysis in higher education.

The leading role analysis scheme


HERA has been the leading scheme among HE institutions for many years, and is used by 70% of UK universities. Together, HERA and FEDRA (for further education) have helped analyse more than 150,000 roles, determining pay and grading structures for at least half a million people.

Sector-led design

Unlike other job evaluation schemes, HERA was designed ‘by the sector for the sector’, following a feasibility study in 1995 with input from 70 HE organisations. Major trade unions were also involved in its development and continue to support HERA too, due to its representation of staff across all groups within the HE workforce

Supporting equality

A robust method of comparing and contrasting roles, ensuring compliance with the 1970 Equal Pay Act and the 2010 Equality Act.

HERA helps organisations avoid potential bias in the design and sizing of roles inherent in some other schemes, as they don’t make assumptions about levels of responsibility and accountability.

A fresh & modern tool

HERA remains current and is regularly refreshed to keep content relevant and up to date.  Although we regularly update terminology to suit changing circumstances our latest review confirmed that no significant changes were required to the structure, wording or scoring of the scheme.

More than just job evaluation

HERA has always been about more than ‘just’ sizing a role to determine grade or pay. Since ECC was formed, our aim has been to provide comprehensive business insights into the nature, shape and structure of work in higher education.

HERA is unique. It enables organisations to shape and size roles for job evaluation and to use data insights to influence and affect performance, development and talent management.  We work with you to directly link the outputs of role analysis to make ‘joined-up’ decisions about people and talent management practice.

If you're looking for tools for your Further Education organisation, find out more about our FEDRA tool.

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