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Redesigning pay and grading

ECC is currently working with a large university to redesign their pay and grading structure. Increasing National Wage rates have eroded spine points at the bottom of their grading structure, and this has impacted on differentials between grades.  The university is also experiencing recruitment and retention issues and is looking to strengthen career paths for staff. The university came to ECC because they wanted to rectify some of these issues through changes to their grading structure.


ECC initially worked with the university to:


  • Review their grading structure to identify potential areas of concern. This included a review of the grading structure that is linked to the 51-point pay spine, and their senior manager pay structure.

  • Provide recommendations on how they can address the issues with their grading structure and ensure any new pay and grading structure is future-proofed. 

  • Provide recommendations about how changes to their pay and grading structure can support career progression work for professional services staff.


After reviewing ECCs recommendations, the university invited ECC to meet with their senior team to discuss the recommendations made in the report and to enable ECC to provide input into next steps in the process.  


ECC further supported the university with the design of their grading structure and continues to work with them on the implementation of this structure.

(Due to the nature of this work, and the sensitivity involved in pay and grading work, we have kept the identity of our member/client confidential)


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