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Integrating job evaluation following merger

A new FE college was formed as part of a merger with three separate colleges, each with different reward processes and terms and conditions. One of the original colleges had an existing job evaluation (JE) scheme, however the other two were not using any recognised scheme. It was recognised by the newly merged college that there was a need to implement an analytical JE scheme, to measure the the scope and size of newly created roles, and to ensue consistency of pay going forward.


After working with ECC to explore their goals, ECC delivered a full scale pay and reward project for the college. This included:


  • Developing a communications strategy to ensure all stakeholders understood the process and how it could potentially impact on them.

  • Training managers on the creation of robust, fit for purpose job descriptions.

  • Individual and group discussions with staff to understand the context and content of their roles.

  • Analysing all “unique” roles (approximately 150) within the college using FEDRA, our “by the sector, for the sector” job evaluation tool.

  • Regular meetings and presentations to trade unions and senior management team.

  • Developing a bespoke, fit for purpose, pay and grading structure, linked to the FEDRA evaluations.

  • Carrying out equality impact assessments to ensure the new pay and grading structure was free from bias.

  • Trained local staff as Role Analysts to enable them to evaluate all future roles within the organisation.

(Due to the nature of this work, and the sensitivity involved in pay and grading work, we have kept the identity of our member/client confidential)


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