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ECC and HERA/FEDRA Principles - June

Thursday, 20 June 2024

  • Starts Jun 20
  • Virtual Training

Spaces available


Stage One 'Aware' We recognise that some people need to understand HERA or FEDRA as part of their job but won’t be responsible for scoring roles. So, we’ve created a shorter module focussing on the background and principles of the HERA and FEDRA schemes. This new module is 3 hours long. The training will provide an introduction to the principles of role analysis, enabling participants to: - Understand the advantages of role analysis - Understand the background to ECC and HERA/FEDRA - Understand what the law says about Equal Pay and the Equality Act - Understand the different HERA/FEDRA elements - Have an awareness of the question response types - Understand how line managers and union reps can support the role analysis process


Contact Details

020 8369 5131

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