Senior Pay and Reward Solutions

ECC Senior Pay and Reward Solutions service supports organisations who may be facing a number of challenges about senior staff remuneration:

  • Perceived lack of transparency around senior salaries and bonuses;
  • Stakeholders’ concerns about fairness, clarity and equality;
  • Rising salary costs;
  • Difficulties in linking senior reward and performance.


Working with ECC is your first step to ensure that you have the right senior roles, attracting the best talent and delivering the reward and organisational performance you need.


Each project is designed around your needs but in our five-stage approach (Diagnostic, Design, Performance and Development, Implementation and Review, Reward) we will typically:

  • Run engagement workshops with senior managers and key stakeholders;
  • Review and if appropriate redesign, score and differentiate senior roles;
  • Refresh reward, remuneration and related policies and procedures;
  • Tailor leadership and management frameworks to fit into your reward solution.


We’ll always agree fully costed project plans with you at the outset, and ensure that after the project your approach to senior staff pay and rewards is embedded.


To find out more, see our Senior Pay & Reward Solutions brochure.  Hardcopies of the brochure or to have an informal initial conversation with our Consultant Team can be requested at contactus@ecc.ac.uk.  


Here’s what our members say:

‘ECC worked with us to help implement performance review and reward structures for senior roles, which should help the University to achieve its overall objectives and aspirations’.

Professor Rama Thirunamachandran

Vice-Chancellor and Principal

Canterbury Christ Church University

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