Digesting the 3-in-One breakfast: Oil, HR and the Bacon Butty

16-May-2014 0:00
in General
by Admin

We were delighted to host a business breakfast at the UHR conference in May 2014 Hopefully those who attended agree it was worth the early start (7.45am!).

The title intrigued some - as did the bottles of 3-in-One oil (!) - but this was simply a metaphor for the role HR has as the ‘oil’ to help organisations run smoothly.

The business breakfast was an enjoyable and thought-provoking informal session, with great input from a range of universities. We explored some research and practical lessons on virtual teams, and used a short fictional case study to draw out the implications for HR.

Slides, handouts and the exercise from the session are available on this page, and we are now writing up the conclusions in a practical guide to aid HR teams in supporting virtual team working. Do please contact Nicholas Johnston if you are interested in contributing to our thinking on this. The conclusions will be shared with members, and added to this page.

Presentation slides