ECC focus on pay and grading

20-March-2023 15:30
in General
by Admin

Pay and grading continues to be one of the hottest and volatile topics in the sector, and the environment seems to be changing weekly. Issues such as the impact of the National and Real Living Wage on pay and grade structures, and the requirement to protect equal pay, mean that many universities recognise the need to review their practice.


At ECC we have worked with around 20 members in the past year on exactly these issues, and have been proud to work alongside UCEA and UHR on a series of member group discussions.


We know that many HEIs are actively considering changes to grade structures, but it's vital to think through the risks and opportunities and make sure you get it right. 


As your membership organisation ECC is here to support you with this, making sure you align job evaluation, pay structures and reward.


Do please get in touch with us at if you'd like to learn more about how we can help.