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2015/16 - Enhancing organisational performance through reward

Annual Conference 2015-16

Enhancing organisational performance through reward


Conference Programme

Progress Report from March 2015 Member Convention




Reflections on the Conference

ECC Chief Executive, Nicholas Johnston, reflects on the day's proceedings at the November 2015 ECC Conference



Changes within HE and FE policy since the Election

Nick Hillman, Director, HEPI


Linking organisational and individual performance with reward: does it work?

Duncan Brown, Head of HR Consultancy, Institute for Employment Studies

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Management practice and performance

Professor Sarah Smith, Head of Economics and Professor, University of Bristol

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Making it happen


Dean Royles, Executive Director of HR and OD, Leeds Training Hospitals NHS Trust

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Further Conference Documentation

New issues for academic staff morale in Scotland (an independent think piece for ECC)

Higher Education in Wales - an update prepared by the National Assembly for Wales' Research Service

Speakers biographies