Automation Test Analyst

Academic Demonstrator (November 2023)

Academic Technician (November 2023)

Marketing and Communications Manager (November 2023)

Health and Safety Manager (November 2023)

HR Administrator (November 2023)

Purchase Ledger Administrator (November 2023)

Operations Administrator (November 2023)

Janitor (November 2023)

Head of Financial Systems (October 2023)

Head of Financial Services (October 2023)

Academic Research Report (October 2023)

Visiting Practitioner (October 2023)

Early Years Practitioner (October 2023)

Senior Network/Systems Engineer (September 2023)

Administration - Senior Management (August 2023)

Information Services Manager (June 2023)

Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion Manager (June 2023)

Senior Legal Advisor (June 2023)

Student Numbers and Forecasting Manager (June 2023)

People Operations Manager (May 2023)

Career Adviser (May 2023)

Senior CRM Manager (April 2023)

Systems Architect (March 2023)

Infrastructure Architect (March 2023)

Solutions Architect (March 2023)

Systems Engineer (March 2023)

Payroll and Pensions Manager (March 2023)

Payroll Officer (March 2023)

Report Solicitor (March 2023)

Bioinformatician (March 2023)

Projects Security Officer (February 2023)

Director of Procurement (February 2023)

Careers and Employability Manager (January 2023)

Senior Legal Counsel (January 2023)

Photography Exhibition Manager (January 2023)

Facilities Manager and Assistant Facilities Manager (January 2023)

Head of Strategic Risk (December 2022)

Head of People Operations (November 2022)

Mechanical Engineer (November 2022)

Capital Projects Manager (November 2022)

Insurance Manager (November 2022)

Risk and Continuity Manager (November 2022)

Head of People Operations (November 2022)

HR Business Analyst (November 2022)

Director of Library Services (October 2022)

Academic Policy Advisor (October 2022)

Data Protection Manager (October 2022)

Finance Director (October 2022)

Visitor Centre Director (September 2022)

Head of Finance (September 2022)

Chief People Officer. (September 2022)

Chief Financial Officer (September 2022)

Maintenance Technician (September 2022)

Senior Electrical Engineer (September 2022)

Financial Systems & HR Systems Manager Roles (September 2022)

IT Service Delivery Manager (August 2022)

IT Project Manager (August 2022)

Chief Architect (August 2022)

Network Security Engineers (August 2022)

Cyber Security and Networks Manager (August 2022)

Assistant Finance Director (August 2022)

Cleaner (August 2022)

Hospitality Assistant (August 2022)

Building Surveyor (August 2022)

People Services Operational Manager (August 2022)

IT Support Officer (August 2022)

Head of Service (August 2022)

Centre and Assistant Manager (August 2022)

Senior Business Analyst (July 2022)

Cyber Security Analyst (July 2022)

Solutions Software Developer (July 2022)

Councillor (July 2022)

Platform Analyst (July 2022)

Network and Infrastructure Manager (July 2022)

IT Assistant Director Service Delivery (July 2022)

IT Assistant Director Business Change (July 2022)

Head of Careers, Employability and Alumni Relations (July 2022)

Faculty Registrar (July 2022)

Sport and Student Union Manager (July 2022)

Student Conduct Manager (July 2022)

Chief Digital Officer (July 2022)

Apprentice Quality Coach (June 2022)

Enterprise Architect (June 2022)

Head of Marketing (June 2022)

Head of IT (June 2022)

Web Developer (June 2022)

Front End Developer (June 2022)

Senior Category Manager (May 2022)

Senior Procurement Officer (May 2022)

Senior Scientific Officer. (May 2022)

Data Scientist (April 2022)

Assistant Director of Estates (Projects) (April 2022)

Assistant Director of Estates (April 2022)

Director Head of Students Recruitment (March 2022)

Head of Financial Reporting (April 2022)

Facilities Assistant (March 2022)

Head of Tax (March 2022)

Payroll Officer (March 2022)

Server Team Manager (March 2022)