Managers' Briefing - HERA

Guidance Note for Presenter/Trainer


The attached presentation is intended to:

1.   Be used by HR Departments/Trainers/Change Managers to brief colleagues and/or managers on HERA.  If you wish ECC to deliver this for you, please contact your ECC Consultant or via

2.   Provide an overview that de-mystifies HERA for those who have not used the Role Analysis tool before.

3.   Be a mini session that could be a breakfast/lunchtime briefing or form part of a 'new managers' course, either on its own or as part of a series of helpful information sessions for managers that you might run on, for example, de-mystifying promotion.

4.   Be delivered either as a 60 minute presentation, including question time, or one of three shorter 20-minute sessions.


Associated Documents:

Managers' Briefing on HERA October 2019



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Additional supporting documentation

HERA guide for verifiers 2007

HERA element descriptors with examples

Element summary MGR briefing

Copy of example grading pay structure


Presenter's notes are at the bottom of each slide to support you in delivering the presentation consistently.  If you have any queries regarding the content/usage, please contact your ECC Reward Consultant or the ECC Team via and we will be pleased to help.    Please note that the presentation should be downloaded as a read-only document.