Labour Market Data reports P-T

Purchase Ledger Administrator (November 2023)

Academic Research Report (October 2023)

Visiting Practitioner (October 2023)

Senior Legal Advisor (June 2023)

Student Numbers and Forecasting Manager (June 2023)

People Operations Manager (May 2023)

Payroll and Pensions Manager (March 2023)

Payroll Officer (March 2023)

Report Solicitor (March 2023)

Projects Security Officer (February 2023)

Director of Procurement (February 2023)

Senior Legal Counsel (January 2023)

Photography Exhibition Manager (January 2023)

Head of Strategic Risk (December 2022)

Capital Projects Manager (November 2022)

Risk and Continuity Manager (November 2022)

Head of People Operations (November 2022)

Chief People Officer. (September 2022)

People Services Operational Manager (August 2022)

Senior Business Analyst (July 2022)

Solutions Software Developer (July 2022)

Platform Analyst (July 2022)

Sport and Student Union Manager (July 2022)

Student Conduct Manager (July 2022)

Senior Category Manager (May 2022)

Senior Procurement Officer (May 2022)

Senior Scientific Officer. (May 2022)

Payroll Officer (March 2022)

Server Team Manager (March 2022)

Senior Media Relations (March 2022)

Technical Infrastructure Architect (February 2022)

Senior Projects Manager (November 2021)

Research Funding Manager (January 2022)

Senior Project Manager (November 2021)

Strategic Maintenance Manager (November 2021)

Project Manager (November 2021)

Purchase Ledger Assistant and Pay and Pensions Administrator (September 2021)

Sous Chef (September 2021)

Security and Safety Assistant (September 2021)

Planning Officer (internal reporting) (August 2021)

Senior Accountant (June 2021)

Senior Lecturer in Psychology (June 2021)

Head of School of Dentistry (June 2021)

Senior Finance Systems Support Analyst (March 2021)

Senior Digital Production Manager (March 2021)

Robotics Software Engineer (March 2021)

Project Manager (February 2021)

Report Lecturer in Initial Teacher Training (December 2020)

Senior Network and Security Engineer (November 2020)

Report Strategy Support Officer (November 2020)

Specialist Support Lecturer (September 2021)

Systems Engineer (March 2020)

Salesforce Director (March 2020)

Senior Communications Officer (February 2020)

Space Planner (November 2019)

Tutor (November 2019)

Strategic Programme Manager (November 2019)

Senior Development Partner (September 2019)

Additional data for Project Manager (September 2019)

Project Manager (September 2019)

Procurement Officer (December 2018)

Project Manager Oil and Gas Industry (September 2019)

Programme Director (June 2019)

Pro-Vice Chancellor (April 2019)

Head of Quality Assurance and Enhancement (June 2019)

Research Assistant (September 2018)

Safety, Health and Environment Manager (January 2019)

Sales Manager (June 2019)

Senior Engineer (January 2019)

Senior Enterprise Architect (August 2019)

Senior Lecturer in Nursing (September 2018)

Senior Manager in Public Affairs and Policy Engagement (May 2019)

Senior Project Administrator (August 2018)

Senior Quantity Surveyor (August 2018)

Senior Solicitor (October 2018)

Sessional Wellbeing Practitioner (June 2019)

Software Developer (July 2019)

Software Development Manager (July 2019)

Software Python Developer (May 2019)

Solicitor (October 2018)

Specialist Support Lecturer (March 2019)

Sub Librarian (April 2019)

Technical Services Manager (October 2018)

Plumbing and Heating Engineer (October 2018)