Labour Market Data reports A-E

Senior Network/Systems Engineer (Sept 2023)

Administration - Senior Management

Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion Manager (June 2023)

Career Adviser (May 2023)

Senior CRM Manager (April 2023)

Systems Architect (March 2023)

Infrastructure Architect (March 2023)

Solutions Architect (March 2023)

Systems Engineer (March 2023)

Bioinformatician (March 2023)

Careers and Employability Manager (January 2023)

Director of Library Services (October 2022)

Academic Policy Advisor (October 2022)

Data Protection Manager (October 2022)

Senior Electrical Engineer (September 2022)

Chief Architect (August 2022)

Cyber Security and Networks Manager (August 2022)

Assistant Finance Director (August 2022)

Cleaner (August 2022)

Building Surveyor (August 2022)

Centre and Assistant Manager (August 2022)

Cyber Security Analyst (July 2022)

Councillor (July 2022)

Chief Digital Officer (July 2022)

Apprentice Quality Coach (June 2022)

Enterprise Architect (June 2022)

Data Scientist (April 2022)

Assistant Director of Estates (Projects) (April 2022)

Assistant Director of Estates (April 2022)

Director Head of Students Recruitment (March 2022)

Director of Research Engineering (February 2022)

Chief Operating and Financial Officer (February 2022)

Contracts Manager (February 2022)

Academic and Digital Academic Developer (February 2022)

Chef (January 2022)

Senior Business Analyst (October 2021)

Clerk of Works (December 2021)

CAD Technician (December 2021)

Deputy Director of HR and Organisational Development (November 2021)

Data Protection Officer (November 2021)

Employment Law Solicitor (November 2021)

Dental School Roles (November 2021)

Craftsperson/Gardener (November 2021)

Estate Roles (November 2021)

Energy Manager (November 2021)

Building Maintenance Manager (November 2021)

Commercialisation Enterprise Manager (October 2021)

Commercialisation Officer (October 2021)

Assistant Legal Advisor (October 2021)

Continuous Improvement Head (October 2021)

Assistant Director of Procurement (September 2021)

Director Roles (People & Services; Finance & Operations; Strategy & Planning) (September 2021)

Cyber Security Assurance Analyst (July 2021)

CAFM and Digital Information Co-ord (July 2021)

Deputy Head Gardener (June 2021)

Director of Strategic Planning (May 2021)

Chief Executive Officer (June 2021)

Customer Roles (June 2021)

Director of Strategic Planning (May 2021)

Data Scientist (November 2020)

Careers Advisor (May 2021)

Commercial Director (April 2021)

Director of Gallery Museum (March 2021)

Events Manager (March 2021)

Deputy Director of Estates and Facilities (March 2021)

Executive Assistant to the Vice Chancellor and Office Manager (March 2021)

Data and Integration Architect (November 2020)

Database Administrator (November 2020)

Enterprise Architect (August 2020)

Digital Learning Roles (Designer, Developer, Technologist) (May 2020)

Developer Roles (Software) (May 2020)

Artificial Intelligence Roles (February 2020)

Career Adviser or Employee Liaison Officer (February 2020)

Cyber Security Lecturer (March 2020)

Digital Communications Officer (February 2020)

Chief Information Officer (January 2020)

Clerk to the Board of Governors (February 2020)

Deputy Head of Procurement (January 2020)

Chief Finance Officer (January 2020)

Bioinformatician (January 2020)

Deputy Director of Accommodation and Commercial Services (December 2019)

Chief Operating Officer (October 2019)

Architecture Manager (October 2019)

Assistant Accountant (September 2019)

Assistant Director of Facilities (September 2019)

Assistant Director of IT Strategy and Projects (September 2019)

Assistant Director of Property and Space Management (July 2019)

BIM Technician (August 2018)

Careers Development/Recruitment Lead (January 2019)

Chef (November 2018)

Chief Finance Officer (January 2019)

Chief Information Officer (January 2019)

Cleaning Supervisor (December 2018)

Commercialisation and Licensing Manager (July 2019)

Communications Officer (April 2019)

Control Engineer (January 2019)

College Accountant (April 2019)

Data Systems Analyst (March 2019)

Development Operations Manager (April 2019)

Department Head and Deputy (January 2019)