IT Labour Market Data Reports

Data Protection Manager (October 2022)

IT Service Delivery Manager (August 2022)

IT Project Manager (August 2022)

Cyber Security and Networks Manager (August 2022)

IT Support Officer (August 2022)

Cyber Security Analyst (July 2022)

Solutions Software Developer (July 2022)

Platform Analyst (July 2022)

Network and Infrastructure Manager (July 2022)

IT Assistant Director Service Delivery (July 2022)

IT Assistant Director Business Change (July 2022)

Chief Digital Officer (July 2022)

Head of IT (June 2022)

Web Developer (June 2022)

Front End Developer (June 2022)

Data Scientist (April 2022)

Server Team Manager (March 2022)

CAD Technician (December 2021)

IT Purchasing and Software Compliance Manager (November 2021)

Data Protection Officer (November 2021)

Head of Impact and IP (October 2021)

IT and Data Related Jobs (August 2021)

Cyber Security Assurance Analyst (July 2021)

Integration Developer

CAFM and Digital Information Co-ord

Senior Software Engineer

Data Scientist

Senior Finance Systems Support Analyst

Senior Digital Production Manager

Head of Software Development

Head of Networks

Head of Cyber Security

Robotics Software Engineer

Data and Intergration Architect

Senior Network and Security Engineer

Database Administrator

Enterprise Architect

Digital Learning Roles (Designer, Developer, Technologist)

Developer Roles (Software)

Systems Engineer

Artificial Intelligence Roles

Network Analyst

Lead Software Developer

Strategic Programme Manager

Head of Digital

Head/Manager of Information Security

Head of IT

IT Director

IT Professional Servers

IT Services Manager

Information Systems Project Director

Software Developer

Software Development Manager

Software Python Developer

Technical Services Manager

Web Development and Systems Integration Team Leader

Assistant Director of IT Strategy and Projects

BIM Technician

Data Systems Analyst