Your dedicated HR Consultant

Our team of consultants assist members in implementing and optimising the HERA and FEDRA schemes and systems.

They support members in a wide range of strategic and HR operational areas - from the redesign of roles and work to restructuring exercises.  They can also help with developing skills assessment processes, particularly to assist redeployment and workforce and succession planning.

Working with your ECC consultant means you not only have your own dedicated expert in the use of HERA and FEDRA, but through them you can also call upon the full breadth and depth of knowledge and experience from the rest of the consultancy team.

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Your consultant will provide:

  • Ongoing informal advice, information and practice support throughout the year
  • Focused consultancy support that meets your specific needs in terms of objectives, timescales and resources
  • Clearly defined and costed proposals and project plans, so you know exactly what to expect
  • Project monitoring and reporting so that you are informed of progress and any issues arising
  • Very competitively priced day rates in keeping with consortium aims – and members receive one day’s support at no charge every year.

Requests for consultancy support can be made by e-mail to or directly to one of our team.