E-Recruitment Services

ECC's HR Consultants can provide advice on how to make best use of your HERA/FEDRA software and existing role profiles to streamline the whole recruitment and selection process. The competency framework, used in conjunction with HERA and FEDRA, provides the core information on which the recruitment and selection process can be designed and managed.

ECC is working in partnership with Stonefish and WCN, established suppliers of e-recruitment services and software, to help members make full use of HERA and FEDRA and the associated competency framework for recruitment and selection purposes.Stonefish and WCN will provide proven e-recruitment software solutions, support and guidance, and case studies on successful implementation of e-recruitment.

We have negotiated a discount for ECC members of 20% on Stonefish's usual rates, and 10% on monthly payments for WCN's full Education system (typically worth £3600 over three years).

For further details see Stonefish and WCN.