ECC Role Analysis Tools - HERA and FEDRA schemes and software


All employers need to ensure their pay and grading structures recognise the value of roles and ensure equal pay for work of equal value. HERA (Higher Education Role Analysis) was developed by the sector for the sector and is a proven analytical approach to role analysis that reflects the nature of the sector and provides a transparent process. FEDRA, the sister product for the Further Education sector, was created by minor modifications led by Colleges themselves.

HERA and FEDRA give you the building blocks to integrate other HR functions including Recruitment and Selection, Appraisal and Personal Development, Performance Management, Career Development, Promotion, and Pay and Grading.

Being specifically tailored for the sector, HERA has high levels of acceptance by staff and their Trade Union representatives, and has been in use in more than 120 HEIs over many years. FEDRA is well established as a leading role analysis scheme for Further Education, assisting Colleges with a robust approach to pay and grading to contribute to the modernisation of HR practice. 

Software tools

ECC provides a unique web-based software system (ECC Online) to support the use of both HERA and FEDRA. The system is utilised by members to carry out role evaluation for pay and reward purposes.

Each member has access to their own secure software database, which is administered by ECC and hosted with a third party (Rackspace) via our developers DCSL Software.

We monitor system performance and undertake regular evaluations to ensure that the software continues to meet the needs of our members. The software system is new (introduced in 2015) and as such is going through a series of phased developments with additional functionality being added at each stage.

We work closely with DCSL to ensure that any technical system issues are resolved quickly and within the service levels agreed. We also ensure that additional functionality makes the best use of available technology.

The software enables you to:

  • Streamline your job evaluation process by incorporating other aspects of HR processes
  • Track the evaluation process, providing useful metrics and assisting with work planning
  • Utilise powerful reports branded with your logo, that can be customized to suit your process and provide useful management information
  • Have a wider number of users of the system as your system administrator can easily set up different levels of security access.