Pay and Grading

To implement a pay and grading structure that stands up to scrutiny in respect of equal pay an objective job evaluation scheme is required. Both of our schemes HERA and FEDRA provide a robust method of comparing and contrasting roles leading to the design of pay structures that are compliant with equality legislation.

We also supply a tool as part of your ECC Online database that can be used to support decision making for international remuneration.

Our consultants have carried a range of consultancy projects in the areas of pay and grading including:

Implementing new pay and grading structures for organisations;

Supporting organisations to revisit their current pay structures;

Providing advice and guidance in relation to the Living Wage and Voluntary Living wage impact on pay structures;

Carrying out equal pay audits.

Preparing advice and briefing a University Remuneration Committee

ECC has now developed a simple methodology for mapping and adapting your graded pay structure, underpinned by EHRC’s good practice guidance. Find out more here.